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Australian Beach Home Designs - you We kick off the show today on the Northern beaches of Sydney to see a home where the interior is the hero? When I looked at designing the styling for this I did sort of think about Manly and you know made beautiful So it really is focused on a style that we're sort of bringing out this year called California dreamingAnd it's really based on that your dreams yeah Yes, a lot of the artworks that are focused on iconic features.

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So you know we've got some beautiful bondi pictures here and things like California Palm Springs yeah, well even the furniture has got that kind of ring to it, tooIt's got that although always the pile of woods and things yeah solutelyI really wanted to give it a contrast against the the dark timbers that focuses the house yepAnd you know really give it that nice light and dark mix it's a very casual home But I still feel like uh I can wear my suit yeah, absolutely I mean the furnitures take on more sort of high-end styling know it's got that scandinavian, but that high-end Scandinavian in a furniture places like for inspiration, you know what you doing don't you I? Think I think you've done this a while now haven't you yeah, it's been 10 . I've been with metro calm.

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Is that right? Yeah, you've been there and seen the changes of the gone through as well The Company's expanded massively it has over the years we started off as a small company just in Melbourne now. We've expanded to Melbourne new South Wales, Queensland and now even South Australia. Which is booming for us the thingI love about what metricon do is when you walk in the home It's every everything is dressed for you, so you can actually see how you can do it yourself Yes, mean, we definitely try to make our homes look livable, also achievable for people as well Okay, even down to like books and little um Pieces of artwork that you a person would actually have in their own home yeah, I mean in this particular home There's a piece of artwork in the dining room that I actually um kind of custom-designed for this homeIt's a bit of a play on the word dy so um yeah.

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I did actually Yeah, it was something a bit of fun, and I just wanted to give the house something that was unique to this area So I mean home lock is very lucky luxurious um who would appeal to um? Large families, and you know I guess families that might have different generations even living with them that's yeah, I mean, you've got the down stairs the downstairs Guest bedroom, but then upstairs the bedrooms are huge for You know teenagers or young adults that still have decided at home? But the thing about metricon is you don't have to spend millions of dollars to get a home like this. No you diedI mean we have lots of different options cater to everyone's needs you do a smaller visionOh yes, we do.

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We do do a smaller version of this home. That's great So I mean does this fit on any kind of block we can cater this house to a number of different blocks? There's different sizes of this home which we can allow - it's quite inter changeable So we can change certain parts of the house For instance this one on display you walk up the stairs in the lead the leisure rooms right in front of you And we do have another option where the leisure room sort of sits more at the back to the the upstairs, Balcony Which is great hMM, and that's things everyone lives differently don't know absolutely different needs Yeah, definitely and also different style needs as well like everyone. What has a different style.

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Yeah, that's rightI mean, that's where you'll find with all our metricon homes each of our homes are different styles And I guess we do slightly seen them But that's mainly just to give People an idea of the different looks that you can go for but it's up to your self to decide You know what really suits you you can mix and match them together. You don't have to stick with one which is great the Australian climate-related leads itself to To living outside yeah definitely up here in dy and you know where we do get some warmer weather We can open these beautiful bio files here, and really have that inside out Which is what metricon is all about the whole side of the house opens up Yeah, it does welcome to the theater yeah down Yeah absolutely is great because I mean if you had a party you'd have a party as big or As small you like the whole party could fill the whole house.

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Yeah, that's right and with that beautiful landscaping outside Why wouldn't you want open ? Oh absolutely? It's just so beautiful whole house is about having you know different areas for different generations of the family to sit You've got the theater downstairs got the beautiful family room near the kitchen that opens up outside And you've got a fantastic huge leisure room upstairs use that actually as a kid's toy room Yeah - was it all absolutely no reason why you couldn't same with the guest room up the front you could always turn that Into a study as well I love the flexibility so you don't see a lot of is um the balcony at the back Which which kind of closes completely off yeah absolutely in this particular home? We've I suppose it flows onto two different bedrooms So you know it really allows more than just one person to enjoy it Yeah, which is great, but also it closes off completely so it's almost like it's a total private roomIt's almost like an extra outdoor room absolutely.

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It's huge up there. We've even put a Huge modular sofa in there, and then we put shutters just to enclose it and make it a little bit more intimate One of things other viewers is I'm get online to look book. Yes So if you jump on the website, and you can go over to the inspiration tab where you'll find look book? You'll also find gallery so you can search by room as well But the look books are fantastic ways to go you can't you suits my style? Absolutely yeah, every every style that we have is is online to offer you isn't it right so simply scandinavian That's got a really beachy colored yeah It's got all the honey washed timbers very similar to this and to this style that we've got here Which is on look boy absolutely check it out. Yeah, definitely. Well. It's great to catch up with you Just answer always. see you and get some tips about Australian Beach Home Designs, thank you. wait for next month. Yes, definitely you.