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pt2 pt9 i can state that the modern periodic table was learn about and revise the periodic table with this bbc bitesize gcse bined science edexcel study guide modern periodic table introduction to modern periodic table duration 8 10 deltastep 136 329 views 8 10 bbc gcse bitesize the periodic table bbc mendeleev made an early periodic table in the modern periodic table elements are in order of atomic number in periods and groups electronic structures
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periodic table the modern periodic table now provides a useful framework for analyzing chemical reactions and continues to be widely used in chemistry nuclear physics and other sciences all the elements from atomic numbers 1 through 118 have been either discovered or synthesized pleting the first seven rows of the periodic table modern periodic table chemistry the elements of period one will have only one shell elements of period two will have two shells and so on the first period of the modern periodic table is the shortest period as it contains only two elements modern periodic table periods and groups the periodic table has undergone extensive changes in the time since it was originally developed by mendeleev and moseley many new elements have been discovered while others have been artificially synthesized each fits properly into a group of elements with similar properties